Saturday, November 17, 2007

Out here in the San Francisco Bay Area, there was

supposed to be a rare snow storm this morning.

Didn't happen. The freezing air and the precip didn't quite

sync up. The rain came first -- and then the cold.

Rather than simultaneously. Hence, no real snow.

Or not much.

And in the East Bay, fifteen miles from San Fran,

I didn't see any at all this afternoon when I hiked

in hills that were around 1,700-feet high.

Instead of snow, there were a freezing deep blue sky

and sharply white cumulus clouds.

Here're some photos I shot this afternoon:

The sky above the East Bay hills.

* * * *

The hills were alive with...cumulus clouds!

* * * *

The Price of Revolution

Sign of the times: gas is already above four
bucks a gallon in the Bay Area.

But I digress. Paul


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